Our Social Impact Programme won the ‘Changing Lives in the Community’ award at the prestigious Card & Payment Awards on Thursday 5 May. Vanquis was also Highly Commended for the Walk Tall Marketing Campaign in the ‘Best Marketing Campaign’ category. 

Our Social Impact Programme was praised for helping put people on a path to a better everyday life, including addressing key barriers to financial and social inclusion and then helping customers overcome them.

Community Award.jpg

Social Impact Programme Manager Cathy Prior and Community Affairs Manager Sharon Orr (above) were at the awards and took to the stage to accept the award from Claudia Winkleman, who was hosting the event.

Cathy said “We’re really proud to receive this award. It demonstrates the impact our programme is having. We’d like to thank all our partners and our dedicated team of colleague volunteers who have helped us to make the programme the success it has been!” 

The judges praised the PFG approach, “An excellent entry from Vanquis and parent company PFG. The mix of direct financial support alongside significant colleague involvement is to be applauded.” 

Our Social Impact Programme has four pillars: 

  • Customer: Partnering with charities to provide support on vulnerability, accessibility, mental health, and wellbeing. 
  • Education: Supporting children, young people, and adults to boost their financial awareness and skills. 
  • Community: Partnering with Community Foundations to address social inclusion and mobility issues relevant to our customers and the communities where we operate.   
  • Colleague: High participation and engagement was achieved through a range of volunteering programmes offering time off and matched fundraising. 

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Walk Tall campaign gets ‘Highly Commended’ recognition

The Vanquis ‘Walk Tall’ marketing campaign was launched in 2021 and was Highly Commended at the awards. Our first fully integrated ad campaign was designed to demonstrate how Vanquis can help people take control of their finances and improve their future, enabling them to face the world with confidence and walk that little bit taller. 

Customer Director Tom Allder  said: “It’s great to have the Walk Tall campaign recognised.  It has driven acquisition and consideration in the market, and we are seeing cost per acquisition drop – as planned - as the message is reinforced through sustained brand communications.”