Bill Scotney is the commecial director of vehicle finance provider Moneybarn. Here he discusses with Lauren Tavener, of Credit Strategy, his change from chief risk officer (CRO), and the recovery and outlook of the car finance market. 

LT: Tell us a bit about your background before joining Moneybarn.

BS: "I’ve worked in the motor finance industry since 1989, working in various different roles as a project manager and operational manager in my time. Before working at Moneybarn I used to work predominately in the leasing and rental sectors of motor finance.

"I started working at Moneybarn in 2007 and was brought on to systemise the business bringing in a new business and customer management system. At that point my title was development manager.

"I then left Moneybarn after three years, as I felt I’d done everything that was needed within that role at the time and moved to work as fleet operations manager for Hertz. I was then only there for three years before I came back to Moneybarn in 2013 as CRO. I’ve been here ever since, and now incredibly excited to get my teeth stuck into my new role as commercial director."

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