As we enter the next phase of our business, as Vanquis Banking Group, we want to strengthen our brand position so we can stand apart from the competition and secure our place as the first-choice bank for the UK population who are excluded from accessing financial services from traditional lenders. 

This is more than our business just being about lending money. This is about evolving our business and building a great place to work place where our people can thrive.  

We’re determined to create the right culture and working environment to make sure that everyone can be at their best, and our Values and behaviours are at the heart of this. 

So why did we need new values?

Vanquis Banking Group has a compelling Purpose that clearly articulates our ‘why’, and our mission and strategic priorities defining our 'what', and we need to establish the 'how' that works across our entire group. The how is the values and behaviours that underpin our culture, that will be critical to how we successfully deliver our agenda. 

Our values will guide our decisions, create consistency and bring our people closer together.

Co-created by colleagues

When we set out on our journey to design our values, we knew we needed input from colleagues across the group, otherwise they wouldn’t work for us, or mean anything to our people. That’s why we involved around 200 colleagues representing different parts of our business to help us get there.

After three months working together, we’re ready to launch our refreshed company values, and today is the day!  


The Vanquis Way

Rather than have traditional values and behaviours, we have created the Vanquis Way to guide us in the decisions we make and remind us, what’s important when we work with one another, our customers and our communities. It’s easy to remember and to uphold because it’s just our way of working, and it’s about the getting the job done the best way we can.

Taking the themes from the insights from all the colleague sessions and data gathering we developed four values statements:

We care about people …by embracing their individuality and experiences.

Everyone here is part of a caring team that respects and supports one another, even when times are hard and we need to make difficult decisions.

Because we all bring something different, we recognise our customers’ and communities’ needs and individuality too, so we’re better placed to help them access the right financial solutions.

We pull together as a team …by trusting each other and helping everyone succeed.
Working together, trusting each other and being open and aligned around our priorities and decisions makes us a great team and helps us achieve our Purpose.

Our different perspectives make us more resilient and better able to give our colleagues and customers opportunities they’ve been denied elsewhere.

We find a better way …by being courageous and solving our challenges.

Our positive, can-do attitude means that even when things get tough, we keep going, we keep asking questions and we keep challenging one another until we find a better way.

We do all this to give our customers and our communities the best options and help our business grow and succeed.

We get the right things done …by taking ownership and doing what we say we will.

Our people, customers and communities are at the heart of what we do and that’s why taking ownership and delivering on our promises matters.

With our valuable skills and experience, we lead the way in getting the right things done and making sure we’re doing work that everyone can be proud of.

How we do things in our business

The Vanquis Way articulates HOW we do things in our business. Simple and practical, we know if we can do these things consistently, we will be a better business.  We also know that whilst simple and practical, we don’t always do this consistently every day, so from today we are on a journey to integrate the Vanquis Way in into everything we do. 

How are we going to embed our new culture framework? 

Cultural transformation takes time, patience and investment. Focusing on our values together will ensure we build our growing brand, guide our decision-making, deliver consistency, and bring our teams closer together.  Today we are communicating a detailed plan regarding our approach to our colleagues and I look forward to supporting and watching how our culture continues to develop in a positive way – the Vanquis way.