When Outward Bound Trust (OBT) - a charity that helps young people unlock their potential through learning and adventure in the wilderness - was struggling because of COVID, PFG promised to help.

We made a commitment that, despite our usual annual funding being allocated to provide adventures for young people from our chosen schools, we would instead allow them to use it to adapt their programmes amidst the constraints of Covid regulations, to help young people from all across the UK experience an adventure.  

With the more flexible funding, OBT created Adventure Days, which could be run from their centres and attended by young people who lived nearby. In addition, they also created an In-School adventure programme - if young people couldn’t go to OBT then OBT would go to them! They sent their instructors to school playgrounds, playing fields and local green spaces to help young people reconnect with each other, and the great outdoors.

OBT Adventure Day - rowing.jpg

OBT CEO Nick Barrett said, “Thank you for your continued support and genuine concern for young people and our organisation. This year is our 80th anniversary and we have worked with an estimated one and half million young people since 1941. Thanks to your support during this crisis, a further one and a half million (and more!) will benefit in the years to come.”


Social Impact Programme Manager Cathy Prior said, “The OBT has considerable expertise in helping young people to become more resilient and resourceful in the face of obstacles and changing circumstances. They are determined to ensure their programmes are available to as many young people as possible, no matter what their circumstances. We’re proud to help.”