The Card & Payments Awards recognises excellence and innovation across the industry in the UK and Europe. This year, Vanquis has been shortlisted for the ‘Best Marketing Campaign’ category for the outstanding ‘Walk Tall’ integrated ad campaign, alongside the Group Social Impact Programme for the ‘Changing Lives in the Community’ award category!

This is such an achievement for PFG to be recognised in the same awards for not one, but two campaigns which are geared around our purpose: putting people on a path to a better everyday life.

"Our ad campaign and social impact programme are in the running alongside other strong industry leaders, and it makes me proud that we’ve continued to deliver demonstrable value for customers while giving back to the community we serve especially through tough times. It’s another indicator that our purpose of putting people on a path to a better everyday life is embedded in the heart of everything we do.” Thomas Allder, Vanquis Customer Director

Our Social Impact programme supports addresses key barriers to financial and social inclusion and helps people overcome them, so to be shortlisted for the ‘Changing Lives in the Community award’ for the work we’re doing to benefit the broader society is a great achievement.

The work we do and the voluntary sector partners we support are specifically chosen to improve the lives of those who are disadvantaged. We look to fund projects which provide access to support which will improve a range of factors such as poor numeracy, literacy, mental health, employability, all of which can reduce people’s ability to lead fulfilling everyday lives. We’re very proud of our programme with its impact being rooted in addressing tangible needs. Sharon Orr, Community Affairs Manager


‘Walk Tall with Vanquis’ is also in the running for Best Marketing Campaign

Walk Tall builds on the extensive customer research and customer proposition work to deep dive into customers’ needs and wants alongside Vanquis’ offerings as a brand. This behind-the-scenes work discovered that Vanquis customers are future-focused in their finances, and are optimistic about their future. And so, Walk Tall was born.

‘Walk Tall with Vanquis’ is up for the Best Marketing Campaign award category, recognising innovative campaigns, creativity and expert delivery of marketing techniques to successfully engage target audiences, enhance customer loyalty, increase brand awareness and improve market share. ‘Walk Tall with Vanquis’ hit the airwaves and digital platforms in June this year, just as the UK began to come out of lockdown.

Walk Tall is the first integrated ad campaign of this scale for Vanquis. Its message has really resonated with customers who needed the extra boost of confidence as we came out of lockdown. We love the campaign and the message it conveys and we know our customers love it too as brand consideration and awareness are on the rise as a result. Vanquis Director of Marketing, Victoria Heath

The campaign sees our friendly feline, J.K. Waddilove strutting confidently on its hind legs to the tune of Val Doonican's 'Walk Tall'. His cool disposition represents how a customer feels when using a Vanquis credit card.

The ad landed during prime spots on TV and radio, social channels like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and pay per click. The second wave launched at the start of November.

The 2022 Card & Payment Awards ceremony will take place in February 2022.