There's always been a gender-based imbalance in the Financial Services sector and this imbalance is greater in Technology and Change.

Improving female representation in this area is important which is why we launched our ‘Women in Tech initiative’ earlier this year, following an exhibit at the Women in Data flagship event in London. And we're pleased to say we're recieving more CVs from womenn than we have done before. 

The ‘Women in Tech Initiative’ aims to attract and build more female talent pipelines across all levels in Tech and Change. These pipelines will help to fill senior role vacancies when they become available, which supports the Group-wide Women in Finance Charter target of 40%.

To celebrate, learn and further support employers and Individuals going above and beyond to help close the gender gap within the tech sector – colleagues from Vanquis Banking Group attended the Women in Tech Employer Awards yesterday evening at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, London.

Women in Tech Employee Representative Group

To support us in achieving these goals we’ve launched a Women in Tech Employee Representative Group, made up of colleagues from all areas of Technology and Change. The group has created a comprehensive action plan that includes;

  • A ‘drains-up’ review of our colleague sourcing and recruitment strategies to make sure they’re equally compelling and appealing to female and male applicants
  • Support women starting and progressing their careers in Technology and Change through apprenticeships and mentorships
  • Build awareness and celebrate women in Technology and Change, sharing their stories internally and externally
  • Have a bigger female presence at Technology, Change and Data focused conferences.