We’re pleased to announce that our 2022 Sustainability Report has been shortlisted for the Best CSR/ESG Report at the Corporate and Financial Awards.

This Communication-based Award recognises CSR/ESG reports that successfully showcase an organisation’s commitment to communicating CSR/ESG principles and the way it informs its stakeholder groups.

Submissions in the award category had to clearly demonstrate the ease of access to key information, including metrics and demonstrate the relationship between the work done, the business strategy, and the impact made.


It’s wonderful to have been shortlisted for a communications award in this category. Our programme is incredibly extensive, but every activity and every action taken is aligned to Vanquis Banking Group’s Purpose and Values. We take our ESG responsibilities seriously, so for our 2022 report to be shortlisted for our commitment to communicating this information is a fabulous achievement.

Rob Lawson, Head of Sustainability

Vanquis Banking Group has been shortlisted alongside Aviva, Experian and Lloyds Banking Group.


Whilst our team is responsible for pulling together all the date and content for the year, our communications agency, Design Portfolio, using our refreshed brand guidelines and fresh imagery, has illustrated our figures with absolute clarity. We look forward to when the award winners are announced at the ceremony in London on 15 November.

Muhrah Al Sultan, Corporate Responsibility Manager

You can view our full report here: Sustainabilty Report 2022