Vanquis reveals that most Brits would rather not receive a Christmas gift from someone worrying about money 1

  • The cost-of-living crisis is biting this Christmas, as nearly half of UK adults (47%) are concerned about how their family will afford the festive season
  • 77% of people are planning to cut back on festive spending, though 22%feel guilty about doing so
  • Vanquis is launching a range of digital Christmas greetings, in collaboration with illustrator Whacko Chacko, to help people have open conversations about affording Christmas, while also raising money in aid of Trussell Trust's Emergency Fund Appeal


Two thirds of Brits would rather go without a Christmas present this year if they knew the person giving it to them was worried about money - with women more likely than men to say as much (72% vs 60%).  A further 21% of Brits would encourage people to buy a less expensive gift.

This is according to new research from credit provider, PFG's Vanquis Bank which also revealed that half of Brits 47% are concerned about how their family will afford Christmas. Nearly three quarters (72%) of UK adults are happy to receive fewer or no gifts this year, yet only 18% said they would have conversations with family and friends about spending and gifting less.

That’s why Vanquis has collaborated with illustrator Whacko Chacko on a range of digital Christmas greetings to help people have important conversations about spending and gifting less.  The collection of three greetings feature colourful and bold designs, with captions such as ‘Keep calm and wrap less’, and ‘Less presents, more presence’, to highlight that gifting isn’t the most important part of Christmas. 

The greetings can be found on Vanquis social channels: Instagram and Facebook. For every share on these posts, Vanquis will donate £1 to the Trussell Trust's Emergency Fund Appeal to help meet the increased need on their food banks this winter2.

The impact of the cost-of-living crisis makes conversations about festive spending even more important. These types of discussions can help set realistic expectations, avoid unnecessary stress and remove the guilt people may feel about spending less. 

The research shows that the vast majority (77%) will be spending less this year and the top three things Brits are cutting back on are new clothes (35%), socialising (34%) and gifts for adults (34%). More generally, (52%) are planning to buy less gifts, which is noticeably higher (65%) amongst 18–34-year-olds, and four in 10 (37%) will champion the growing pre-loved trend and buy second-hand gifts.


Around half of Brits (46%) are concerned about affording Christmas. Of those concerned, a third will pay for it using their savings (36%), 12% will put it on their credit card and an eighth (12%) will use Buy Now, Pay Later to spread the cost.


Fiona Anderson, Managing Director of Cards at Vanquis comments:

“With the cost-of-living crisis continuing to impact household finances, the festive season will no doubt add extra pressure to people's already stretched budgets. Our Christmas campaign aims to remove the guilt people may be feeling around spending less this year and encourage open conversations. It's important people don't overstretch themselves to avoid an unmanageable credit bill when it comes to January and beyond."


To view and share the collection of digital Christmas greetings visit Vanquis on Instagram and Facebook.

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1.       Vanquis commissioned Opinium to survey 2,000 UK adults in October 2022. The survey has been weighted to be nationally representative.

2.       Vanquis is fundraising in aid of The Trussell Trust (Registered Charity No. 1110522) and does not represent the charity. The donation will be up to a maximum of £10,000.