£2.5m charity funding to support young people in the communities    we’ve served since 1880.

Today  we are announcing to the media and our external stakeholders our new Foundation to support communities across the UK with a budget of £2.5 million. This includes:

  • Vanquis free school uniform fund to be increased helping many more pupils
  • Continued partnerships with community foundations from Bradford to London

Why the Foundation?

Vanquis Banking Group has been investing in communities since we were founded in 1880, it’s in our DNA and part of our Purpose. Over the past 25 years alone we have been able to invest over £40m in our corporate responsibility programme, as well as thousands upon thousands of colleague volunteer hours.

Our work through our sustainability programmes has helped people to feel included in society. Not just financially included, but socially included too – by helping them achieve their full potential at school, access better employment opportunities and reduce inequalities.

Going forward, as we work to strengthen our help for customers and communities, we have built on our sustainability programmes and created the Vanquis Baking Group Foundation, which will further support social and financial inclusion for children and young people.

The Foundation forms a fundamental part of our Group strategy under our Customers and Community pillar.  

What will the Foundation do:

The Foundation will see Vanquis Banking Group increase the size of our scheme donating free school uniforms across the north of England. The project has already provided £100,000 to support more than 1,000 pupils across Bradford, Liverpool, Manchester, and Blackpool with uniforms alongside longstanding community partners School-Home Support and the Dixons Academies Trust.

The commitment to funding free uniforms will rise to £125,000 in 2023/24 with uniforms provided to pupils in London, Croxteth, Fazakerley and Broadgreen in Liverpool and Chapeltown in Leeds.

The announcement continues our work with community partners and schools, including the Bradford District Community Foundation and the London Community Foundation. The Vanquis Banking Group Foundation will draw together these projects alongside our partnerships with the National Numeracy Trust and National Literacy Trust, supporting local disadvantaged children and families through access to education programmes.

The Foundation will address the root causes of financial exclusion by focusing on three key strategic pillars: Education, Community, and Financial Inclusion Advice.

  • Education – The Fund will back programmes that boost literacy rates and offer insights into the world of work and the skills needed to secure opportunities.
  • Community – Vanquis will support social and financial inclusion in the communities in which it operates.
  • Financial Inclusion Advice – This work will fund debt management and financial counselling organisations.

Through the Vanquis and Moneybarn brands, Vanquis Banking Group offers products that allow access to financial services and support to people who may not be able to obtain funds from high-street banks. This Foundation is another way in which Vanquis Banking Group can support people to become more financially and socially included in society

How colleagues can get involved:

There are many ways colleagues can get involved and support the Foundation and the work we do. The company allows colleagues time to:

  • Take part in one of our community grants panels.
  • Take part in a community Team Challenge.
  • Join our reading volunteers for 30 minutes a week and help a child build their confidence in literacy.
  • Support young people to develop their employability, by giving them the skills and knowledge they need for the world of work.  
  • Show support at the social mobility affinity group. 
  • Take one day of paid volunteering leave to volunteer for a charitable organisation that is close to their heart. 
  • Benefit from matched funding of up to £500 per colleague to support their fundraising efforts. 

If you’d like to know more about the Foundation, check out: what we’ve announced on the rest of our website.