For over 25 years, The Money Charity has been helping people of all ages improve their ability to manage money. 

Their vision: for everyone to achieve financial wellbeing through better money management. They realise this through the work they do to deliver tailored face-to-face workshops aimed at improving participants’ knowledge and capabilities around managing their finances.

Through our long-term partnership of over 20 years The Money Charity has been able to deliver sessions in schools and colleges up and down the country. Through building relationships with third sector support organisations, they’ve also been able to work with hard-to-reach audiences, such as carer groups, family support organisations, and refuges for women.

As with many charities, face-to-face work came to a standstill when the pandemic hit. The Money Charity was therefore left with no option but to come up with innovative ways to keep on working. One thing they were keen to do was to create a set of videos, supported by PFG, to demonstrate and raise awareness around the invaluable work they do. We'd like to share these with you, as part of UK Charity week (6-10 December).

Meet the Money Charity Video (below)

Carole King, PFG Head of Public Affairs, said:

“We’re really proud of our long-standing relationship with The Money Charity. They've always understood and delivered on PFG's priorities around offering socially-excluded individuals the chance to develop the financial wellbeing skills they need to fully participate in society.

“During Covid, it was crucial to be flexible with our funding to allow the charity to deliver something a little different. It's been great to see the new videos; they are a simple way to let a wider audience know support is available when it comes to managing their money.”


Michelle Highman, Chief Executive of The Money Charity, said:

“We’ve had a long and productive history with PFG. We’ve always been hugely grateful for how their support allows our work to go further, seeing more people of all ages across the UK increase their financial wellbeing. We particularly appreciate PFG's openness and collaborative approach as a funder, which enables us to flexibly dedicate their support to where it is most needed.

“Like so many organisations, the pandemic meant we had to think hard about how we worked and develop better ways of working for the future. This year, PFG encouraged us to consider innovative ways of using their funding to meet audience needs; ways The Money Charity has never been able to implement before. The result is our first ever set of promotional videos. We’re really proud of them and how well they showcase the vital importance of our work. We can’t wait to see how they’re received!”

You can watch the rest of the video series below.