Using metrics and sharing information on our ESG performance is an increasing focus for Vanquis Banking Group as we respond to interest in these factors from stakeholders, including investors and regulators, alongside colleagues, customers and the general public.

Our ESG performance

We’re committed to reporting our ESG performance and data every year in a transparent way to help inform the decisions made by investors and analysts, and to support our approach to investor engagement.

ESG ratings and benchmarks

To help investors and other interested parties understand our ESG performance and see how we have, in delivering our business activities, balanced purpose and profit, we disclose information to external organisations including:

  • CDP – We have been disclosing to the CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project), which requests information on the risks and opportunities of climate change from the world’s largest companies on behalf of institutional investor signatories, since 2006. Our most recent submission was rated B- demonstrating we have knowledge of our impacts on climate change and of climate change issues more broadly.
  • Dow Jones Sustainability Index – We continue to be included in both the Dow Jones Sustainability World Indices (DJSI World) and Dow Jones Sustainability Europe Indices (DJSI Europe). Inclusion in both indices means we’re among the top global and European firms with regard to our ESG performance.
  • FTSE4Good Index – We have been included in the FTSE4Good Index Series, an extra-financial market index measuring the performance of over 800 companies against a range of ESG criteria, for almost 15 years. This is a strong endorsement of our ESG practices and performance.
  • Institutional Shareholder Services ESG (ISS ESG) – In 2020, we maintained our ‘Prime’ status with ISS ESG, a world-leading provider of corporate governance and responsible investment solutions. This means we fulfil ISS ESG’s demanding requirements regarding sustainability performance in our sector. 

We’re committed to sharing information on our sustainability performance, alongside our financial performance, with the investment community by responding to the key ESG surveys and sustainability assessments. Doing this reflects our longstanding commitment to providing responsible and sustainable products and services, while responding to climate change, inclusion and diversity, mental health and wellbeing, and other urgent issues of our time.”

Rob Lawson
Head of Sustainability