The Board is responsible for promoting the long-term success of Vanquis Banking Group and delivering sustainable value for our shareholders.

Working to a formal schedule of subjects, the Board is responsible for the management, performance and long-term success of Vanquis Banking Group. Meeting regularly, the members set and oversee our Purpose and strategy, making sure the Group is managed successfully. This is done through effective monitoring of internal controls and risk management. 

Where a subject is not reserved to the Board or one of its committees, it delegates all other matters to the Group Chief Executive Officer, Ian McLaughlin, who is supported by the Executive Committee.

So they can give the proper time and attention their scheduled subjects, the Board delegates authority to its principal committees. You can find the framework for these committees below. 

The chair of each committee reports directly to the Board after each meeting to provide updates on the key areas of discussion. The committees report and make recommendations to the Board. This allows the Board to maintain oversight of all committee activities. 

The Board also delegates the execution of our strategy and day-to-day management of the Group to its executive directors, who are supported by the Executive Committee. 

Our governance framework sets out the responsibilities of our committees.