We run activities throughout the year and keep an up-to-date calendar so everyone – investors, stakeholders, customers and colleagues – knows when our key events and milestones are.

Holding these events helps us better connect with our stakeholders. They also encourage us to reflect on how we make decisions and what that can do to the quality of our decision-making. We always strive for better; hearing what other people have to say and incorporating this into our thinking pushes us to consider the approaches and decisions we take to deliver the best possible outcomes.

The Chairman takes responsibility for making sure all our directors are up to date with any issues or concerns that major investors may have. They also make sure the appropriate communication mechanisms are in place and are regularly reviewed for effectiveness.

Our events

Before the pandemic, we held regular face-to-face events with our investors. Of course, communication has continued in different ways in the midst of the various restrictions. Ordinarily and in the future, we hope to be run these events in person.

We tend to hold investor days, such as our Capital Markets Day, where we outline our vision for the future and discuss our continued journey to deliver products for people who struggle to access mainstream credit. It’s a key event where we can hear views from our investors while communicating our plans and any potential risks we could face.

Under normal circumstances, we invite investors and analysts to meet our senior management team and visit our operational sites. We also run US and European roadshows so our overseas investors get the same information as those in the UK. Our roadshows are usually attended by our Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Finance Officer and the Head of Investor Relations.

Our management team also regularly attends and presents at broker conferences. We hope we can get back to these events as soon as it is safe to do so.

Our publications

Our investor relations team produces an annual report that shows how we’ve delivered against our Purpose and strategy. It can help investors evaluate our approach to governance, as well as providing a round-up of our activities for the year. 

You can find an overview of our strategy and performance on this website, as well as details of our Board and regulatory news.

Each year, we also publish a Corporate Sustainability Report. The report includes a comprehensive insight into our social purpose, how we support our communities and our contributions towards reducing carbon emissions. You can find the report, and other related information, in the Corporate Responsibility section. 

Hungry for Better

We’re committed to continuously improving how we do things, which is why we undertake a perception audit. It’s designed to give us formal feedback from investors and sell-side analysts. Through the audit, we can see and respond to any concerns from the investment community.

Further to our events and publications, we’re committed to responding to all investor queries within two working days.