We take a needs-led approach to product and service development which helps us to generate financial and non-financial value for our customers.  

We start with a deep understanding of our customer’s needs, preferences and behaviours, gained through extensive research, data analysis, and our empathic design process. In doing this, and socialising it widely and frequently throughout our business, every decision we take is guided by how the outcome will benefit our customers.

Whether they're getting through a tough situation, making an exciting purchase, or navigating everyday life - we support our customers based on their needs and circumstances. And we always try to find a way to help, even if it's not possible right away.

The customers we seek to serve have low levels of financial resilience and relatively low levels of disposable income and savings, and their goal is to achieve peace of mind, stability, and financial comfort. They’re not looking for great wealth. They’re simply seeking ‘enough’ to remove some of the barriers and burdens they face and to feel they have the space to truly live, rather than just get by. Their needs, expressed in our customers’ words, can be summarised as:  

  • “Help me borrow healthily” 

Healthy borrowing is based on establishing quality, long-term relationships with customers. Clear communication in plain English supports customers to better grasp their commitments, so they can successfully manage them. We encourage customers to reach out to us if they need support and we provide options, flexibility, and a non-judgmental environment where trust can be built.  

  • “Help me feel in control of my spending”

We recognise that our customers’ emotional needs are just as important as the mechanisms they’ve got for managing their money flow. By providing personalised guidance and insights, our goal is to simplify day-to-day financial management and help customers achieve peace of mind in their everyday lives.   

  • “Help me build a financial safety net”

For many people with little or no savings, unexpected costs can leave them with no option but to increase their debt. We can help people prepare for the unexpected, guiding them to unlock opportunities to save money and offer motivation to keep going.  

The more we understand our customers, the more we can fulfil our purpose and empower millions of people to make healthy financial choices. 

Ellie, Nottingham

“We’re not poor but we’re not rich either, so I think it’s just smart to keep a close eye on finances. Because I already had the card with Vanquis, we looked to Vanquis to take out a bigger loan. It just works out less expensive overall that way. My Vanquis Loan has paid for our privacy (curtains) and our ability to function in our new home.  The loan has helped us so much - the move just wouldn’t have been possible without Vanquis.” 

Hugo, Derby

“The main attraction was being able to track my spending and see where I could save myself some money. I downloaded the [Snoop] app and started using it right away. It’s very user-friendly with a good tips section and I like that it alerts you to upcoming deals. Being able to see my outgoings by category has really helped and seeing how the price of things fluctuates has helped me refine some of my spending habits and really think about what I’m buying now."

How We Help 

Vanquis Banking Group is made up of three core brands: Vanquis, Moneybarn, and Snoop.  Today, we are leaders in our chosen markets and we meet customer needs through our products and services which are supported by a shared services model. 

Through Vanquis, we offer a range of credit cards, unsecured personal loans, and savings products. 

Through Moneybarn, we offer secured vehicle finance on a range of asset classes, new and used including cars, motorbikes and light commercial vehicles. 

Snoop's platform combines both data-driven, personalised insights (or ‘Snoops’) to help consumers find their biggest money-saving opportunities, and a free credit scoring service.

Snoop offers people a one-stop shop providing everything they need to beat the cost of living increases, set budgets, control their finances, and improve their credit scores. Partnering with Equifax, Snoop has become the first app in the UK to combine money management with credit scoring. 

Snoop is part of the 2025 Fintech Pledge which brings together the fintech industry and strategic partners to help UK consumers build up their financial resilience and better protect against the rising cost of living. 

Powered by Open Banking, Snoop is a consumer-focused business that helps people spend, save and live smarter. The platform provides data-driven, personalised insights (‘Snoops’) to help consumers find their biggest money-saving opportunities. 

The product is a free money management and budgeting app, helps users to track spending, cut bills, and control their finances. It uses AI and open banking data to help people save on household bills and targets savings of up to £1,500 per year for customers. 

Since its public launch in April 2020, the App has won numerous awards including Best Consumer App in the Open Banking Expo Awards 2021 and 2022, Innovation of the Year at The British Bank Awards 2021, three Webby Awards, Best Open Banking Solution at the Fintech Futures Banking Tech Awards, and Financial Services Company of the year at the British Data Awards 2022. 

For more information about Snoop, please visit: https://www.snoop.app/

Credit Cards 

We provide 1.5million customers with credit cards, tailored to suit their needs, with a range of APR's and credit limits. We provide regular communications, an award-winning app, and deliver some of the highest levels of customer satisfaction in our sector. 

Proactively, we help our customers build their credit score, with a focus on responsible lending, by offering credit limit increases when appropriate to do so. 

Our customers value a Vanquis credit card for a variety of reasons: 

  • The range of good value products with manageable limits is designed for their circumstances. 

  • Ease of account management through the mobile app for basic transactions and the ability to speak to a person when they need additional support or have vulnerabilities. 

  • The ability to add their card to their Google or Apple Wallets for greater choice, convenience, and added security in how they spend. 

  • Ability to grow their credit through regular credit line increases, where appropriate, which can support in building or rebuilding their credit score. 









We offer Fixed Rate Products, Notice accounts and Cash ISAs.

Our Notice Accounts provide:  

  • Unlimited deposits and withdrawals (subject to providing notice) 
  • Competitive variable interest rate, and 
  • More choice as to where customers keep and manage their money. 

This online-only product enables customers to save their money (minimum £1,000) and give us just 90- or 120-day notice to withdraw.

We are advertising these offerings through product comparison sites, to make sure that our offer is shown to the most appropriate people, and new customers will apply directly through our website: www.vanquissavings.co.uk. 


We launcMFC24_HC-nonmainloan-mono.jpghed personal loans towards the end of 2021 to new and existing Vanquis Banking Group customers through affiliates and intermediaries. 


Moneybarn, was acquired by the Group in 2014 and it has since become a leading player in the vehicle finance market in the UK. In addition, the expansion into fresh markets in 2021 provided further opportunities for the proposition to develop to support more consumers. 

Moneybarn provides a Conditional Sale agreement that focuses on helping customers get on the road. Our Customer Service Team works to develop memorable relationships with customers and help them through difficulties if and when they arise.

The sales structure works through strong broker relationships maintained by consistent lending and simple commission structures. They also have their own Direct Moneybarn Sales Team who act as an in-house broker, and have the tools to offer customers a seamless journey.

Additionally, in 2023, Vanquis Banking Group entered forward flow arrangements, onboarding second-charge mortgages to the balance sheet. By diversifying our portfolio this way, we anticipate gaining greater stability in future earnings and becoming more attractive to those interested in our longer-term savings products.

Supporting customers in vulnerable situations  

We understand that circumstances can change and we ensure our call centre colleagues are trained in recognising signs indicating that a customer could be ‘vulnerable’ or facing financial difficulty. This could be short or long-term challenges they’re facing.

We can draw on the longstanding relationships we have developed over the years with organisations in the money advice sector. By supporting these organisations, our customers can access independent and personal financial advice and support if they encounter financial challenges.

For example, we continue to support IncomeMax, a community interest company that helps people to maximise their household income by providing them with independent advice and support to navigate the complex welfare system, allowing individuals to take control of their finances. The advice provided by IncomeMax helps individuals and households to increase their income, reduce household bills, apply for white goods, switch utility tariffs, and access specialist support services such as debt advice should this be required.

Finally, while our business works to collect outstanding debt from customers, they sometimes enter debt agreement plans with leading debt charities such as StepChange (a similar arrangement is in place with Christians Against Poverty (CAP)). We continue to accept the offers of payment when customers have sought advice from these charities and a financial assessment has been made of their circumstances. Through our fair share agreements with these charities, we contribute almost 12% of any payment we receive from a customer who has entered a debt agreement plan with the charities. The fair share contributions mean our operating businesses pay for the debt advice received by the customer. They provide the charities with financial support so that they can continue to provide free, independent advice.

During 2023, the Group’s operating companies paid £400,724 (2022: £451,247) to StepChange and CAP in fair share contributions.


Customer Satisfaction Rate 

It's vital that we know that our customers are happy with the products and services we provide 
to them. Monitoring rates of customer satisfaction helps us to determine whether we are providing our customers with products, services and partnerships that meet their particular needs. Tracking customer satisfaction also gives us some insight into where we can improve our offerings to continually meet or surpass customers’ expectations. 


Net Promoter Score for Loans


Customer Satisfaction - Cards


Customer Satisfaction - Vehicle Finance