We’re experts in our market because we take the time to understand our customers.

We’re a specialist lender serving the one in five UK consumers let down or turned away by mainstream banks and loan companies. We understand that people find themselves in the non-standard market for a number of reasons:

  • Life events, such as job losses or divorce
  • New to credit so little or no credit history
  • Looking to build or rebuild their credit rating
  • Managing everyday life on low, average or irregular incomes with little or no savings
  • Variable incomes, such as being self-employed or having several part-time jobs
  • Value a more tailored product and service

A wider range of suitable and sustainable credit products is required than is typically provided by mainstream lenders. In addition, our customers sit across a broad range of risk profiles. It is therefore important that a range of price points can be offered, increasing financial inclusion. Finally, our customers’ needs and circumstances are often more fluid than those of consumers served by mainstream providers, requiring us to provide a more flexible approach.

Meet Ollie

Vanquis has been great. It was a really easy process to follow to get the card, a decent interest rate for me, and I've never had any issues.  

Meet Lee

Moneybarn were just brilliant from the off. They put us at ease, they told us how much we’d be paying out in total. They were very thorough in their approach to make sure everything was affordable for us. 

In many cases, while our customers may be salaried and earning average incomes, our customers have individual circumstances that either aren’t compatible with mainstream lending or require a more tailored and sustainable approach to credit. These circumstances can also change over time, which means we need to be flexible if and when customers find themselves unable to afford their payments. As a group of responsible lenders, we offer tailored forbearance, which means we do our best to work with customers, arrange repayment schedules that work for them and avoid unnecessary penalties.

Meet Tracey

I came to get a Vanquis loan because my husband has got a Vanquis credit card, so we knew the brand, we know the company and we needed a bit extra to help us get some necessary plastering done on our house.