Vanquis Banking Group offer Notice Accounts and Fixed Rate Bonds.


Our Notice Accounts for new and existing customers, gives our near prime and mid cost customers:

  • Unlimited deposits and withdrawals (subject to providing notice)
  • Competitive variable interest rate, and
  • More choice as to where they keep and manage their money.

This new online only product enables customers to save their money (minimum £1,000) with Vanquis and give us just 90- or 120-days’ notice to withdraw, expanding the available products offered by the Group.


This type of account is suitable for people who:

  • Are looking for a savings account where they can put away or build up a pot of savings
  • Are not relying on their savings for everyday living costs
  • Would like a competitive variable interest rate
  • Are happy to provide the relevant notice period when they want to make a withdrawal
  • Understand the consequences of locking way their money for the required notice period

We are advertising this new offering through product comparison sites, to make sure that our offer is shown to the most appropriate people, and new customers will apply directly through our website:


Of our existing cards and loans business, we know 40% hold savings with other providers, therefore it’s fitting that as part of our journey into a fully-fledged Banking Group, that we open up more options to our customers who might otherwise struggle to find the right savings product which fits their needs.

In line with our Purpose and the principals behind our products, should a customer suffer adversely with exceptional circumstances such a significant life event, allowances will be made.

“Launching Notice Accounts adds to our experience in Savings, where we have offered Fixed Term Bonds to an investment audience for over 10 years. Funds from our long-term Fixed Rate bond customers have been supporting the Group to fund our other products, allowing us to grow, develop and improve other business areas, such as our credit cards and loans provisions for the customers who otherwise might have struggled to be financially included in society during this period.”

Gareth Cronin, North Star Programme Executive, Vanquis Banking Group