The Group’s credit card business has been operating since 2003 under the Vanquis brand and has been a key part of our Group since 2013.

We are a leading specialist lender in the large and established credit card market and have a strong capital and liquidity position.

Meet Ollie

I mainly spend on my card because it is just so convenient. I’ve got peace of mind, security on my purchases and it’s so easy to use.

Our Customers:


earn an average of £30k, with a core spread of £20-£50k


are mostly between 46 and 65 years old


work full time, part-time or are self employed

  • ​​​​​​Provide a range of cards tailored to suit the needs of our customers, with a range of APR's, credit limits and promotional offers.
  • Support customers from day one, making it easy to do business with us. We provide regular communications, an award-winning app, and deliver some of the highest levels of customer satisfaction in our sector.
  • Proactively help our customers build their credit score, with a focus on responsible lending, by offering credit limit increases when appropriate to do so.
  • Sector specialisation, with a focus on the non-standard market and over 20 years as a non-standard card issuer.
  • Utilising a range of industry leading technology partners to provide best in class outsourced systems. 
  • Leveraging data and market insight through partnerships with Experian, Visa and TransUnion. 
  • Benefiting from a lower cost of funds as a full deposit-taking PRA and FCA regulated bank.
  • Management team expertise with a breadth of experience in consumer finance and cards.
  • Strong collections capabilities. 
  • Scale business with over 1.5 million customers.
  • Robust underwriting and collection strength resulting in stable risk-adjusted margins throughout the cycle.
  • Delivering high levels of customer satisfaction and achieving top quartile levels NPS in our sector. 
  • Good, safe returns for depositers.

Our customers value a Vanquis credit card for a variety of reasons:

  • The range of good value products with manageable limits designed for their circumstances.
  • Ease of account management through the mobile app for basic transactions and with the ability to speak to a person when they need additional support or have vulnerabilities.
  • The ability to add their card to their Google or Apple Wallets for greater choice, convenience and added security in how they spend.
  • Ability to grow their credit through regular credit line increases, where appropriate, which can support in building or rebuilding their credit score. 

Now with 20 years experience in the non-standard credit card market we have built deep understanding of both our consumer needs and developed a successful business model to support these, levering our long Group history in serving this segment of the market.

Visit the Vanquis Credit Cards website. 

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