Our Vision outlines our ambition: we imagine a world where everyday people are able to access the financial services they need from us, no matter where they are
on their journey.

Our Mission is to become the first-choice bank for people unable to access financial services from mainstream lenders.

Our three Strategic Pillars, People and Culture, Growth and Sustainability and Customer and Community will drive our Mission to success.

People and Culture

We have a clear Purpose that makes a positive impact on people’s lives. Our colleagues are key to our success, so we will focus on attracting and retaining the right people, making this a great place to work, and having opportunities to develop in a diverse and inclusive environment.

  • We conduct an annual survey to continually focus on making improvements for our colleagues.
  • We have diversity and inclusion groups (gender, race, social mobility, disability and LGBTQ+) to help create an inclusive environment.
  • We offer support through our Employee Assistance programme (EAP) and the provision of the Thrive app.


  • Focusing on inclusion and development to retain and attract diverse talent that collaborates effectively in a hybrid setting.
  • Re-energising investment in colleagues.



colleague engagement (2021: 69%)


senior management gender diversity (2021: 27%)


employee number (2021: 2.5k)

  • Hybrid working with a return to offices to meet colleague and customer needs is working successfully.
  •  ‘One Group’ business model implemented and embedded,streamlining governance and management structures.
  • Revised organisational design implemented, with single shared services across Finance, HR, IT, Change, Risk and Operations.
  • Specific teams and harmonised role levels created under Managing Directors for our Cards, Loans and Vehicle Finance  divisions.
  • Talent acquisition and retention.
  • Motivate our colleagues to help deliver our strategic objectives.
  • Continued investment in our Diversity and Inclusion Programme.

Growth and Sustainability

Through Growth and Sustainability, we will aim to be efficient and effective by focusing on seamless collaboration through connecting teams and technology.

At December 2022, the Group had capital resources far in excess of the overall capital requirement, retaining a credit rating, an extensive wholesale markets franchise, and a strong performance in debt capital markets, providing opportunities for optimising the composition of the Group’s regulatory capital if desired.

The Group has a highly liquid position, holding in excess of £380m above liquidity coverage ratio requirements. We have continued to deliver on a number of funding objectives:

  • In line with the Group’s strategy to reduce its reliance on Revolving Credit Facilities (RCF) as a source of funds, the Group took the decision to repay the RCF early on 30 March 2022 (the Group did not require the funding and did not plan to renew the facility on maturity);
  • The Group has placed all surplus funds on deposit with the Bank of England via Vanquis Bank;
  • The £70m loan from Vanquis Bank to Provident Financial plc was repaid early on 30 June;
  • Vanquis Bank extended a £70m loan to Moneybarn under the existing Large Exposure Limit on 30 June 2022 (this was not waiver dependent);
  • The Group received approval from the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) of a Core UK Group waiver to allow the use of retail deposits held at Vanquis Bank Limited to fund Moneybarn No.1 Limited, enabling the transition to a traditional bank funding model that is primarily retail funded.


  • Embedding our operating model around our brands and consolidating our products onto one platform.
  • Developing technology and investing in systems.
  • Cost efficient investment for sustainable growth and value-add.



return on equity continuing operations (2021: 25.6%)


total capital ratio (2021: 40.6%)


statutory PBT continuing operations (2021: £142.2m)

  • Acceptance of our application to the PRA to use retail deposits to fund different parts of the Group, resulting in a lower cost of funds.
  • Improving the quality of our portfolio and exiting from high risk segments.
  • Transitioning our products to a new IT platform (named Gateway) following a successful Loans pilot.
  • Broadening our propositions, including increasing the price points for our Credit Card customers, whilst remaining cost efficient.
  • Investing in further growth and expansion of our core product lines.
  • Having an Investor Relations Programme, communicating the Group’s refreshed strategy and the approval of the Capital Waiver.

Customer and Community

By putting people at the heart of what we do, we ensure that our business is centred on our Customers and Communities, with a focus on social impact.

Supporting our Customers
The Group is well positioned to provide tailored and responsible products and services to customers who span the mid cost, near-prime segment, including those dealing with significant life events. Short or longer-term financial difficulties can damage customers’ credit files, leading to them being excluded by prime lenders. Our services help people enter or re-enter the credit market, stay in control of their finances and build up their credit scores.

Supporting our Communities
We have continued to support our communities, working with charities and specialist partners to address barriers to social and financial inclusion. Our assistance has taken many forms:

  • Establishing a School Uniform Fund helping more than 1,000 pupils.
  • Supporting children and adults to boost their skillset, including numeracy, literacy and school-home support.
  • Sponsoring the ‘Bradford City of Culture’ Programme in 2025.
  • Disbursing over £260,000 in grants to 27 voluntary organisations focusing on inequality, exclusion, disadvantage and mental health.

During 2022, we worked with the Outward Bound Trust, the National Literacy Trust and four community foundations to enrich the lives of our communities and make a positive social impact.


  • Building deep relationships with customers, ensuring access to products, services and support through various channels.
  • Continuing our award-winning work with partners and communities.



community investment (2021: £1.4m)


credit cards CSat score (2021: 4.7/5)


vehicle finance Feefo rating (2021: 4.4/5)

  • Maintained existing high levels of customer satisfaction. Continued investment in our communities and partnerships.
  • Improving customer outcomes through the launch of digital wallets, a broader range of APRs, and the successful launch of our near-prime vehicle finance offering.
  • Completed customer remediation through the Scheme of Arrangement.
  • Investment in community-based projects supporting numeracyand literacy.
  • Continued development of our range of propositions, reflecting changes in consumer demands and needs.