The Group’s strategy provides the direction needed to ensure that we can help to put people on a path to a better everyday life.

Grow customer-centric businesses.

Grow customer-centric businesses which continues to diversify to meet customer expectations by delivering positive outcomes and providing positive returns for shareholders.



Adjusted profit – continuing operations




Amounts receivable from customers

  • Launch of personal loans pilots in the open market through both the Vanquis and Sunflower brands.
  • Broadening of Vanquis Bank card offering including trials of a number of new APRs and balance transfer offers.
  • Closure of the Consumer Credit Division including write off of balances outstanding at year end.
  • Launch of near-prime offering in Moneybarn.
  • Successful launch of Scheme of Arrangement.
  • Leverage existing expertise to expand the Group’s personal loans pilots.
  • Broadening of Vanquis Bank proposition including launch of digital wallets.
  • Continued growth of the Moneybarn near-prime product offering.
  • Consideration of launch of new asset classes in Moneybarn.
  • Complete customer remediation through the Scheme of Arrangement.

Act responsibly and with integrity

Act responsibly and with integrity in all we do. Create sustainable businesses which our stakeholders are proud to be a part of.



Colleague engagement


Community investment


Dividend per share

  • LOQBOX partnership launched with Vanquis Bank to build
    customer credit scores.
  • Group inclusion and diversity programme established.
  • During the Scheme of Arrangement, we worked collaboratively and openly with the FCA to deliver the best outcome for customers.
  • Launch of new Supplier Management Framework.
  • Our CEO joined the National Numeracy Leadership Council.
  • Continued investment in the community.
  • Continued investment in the communities we serve through community foundation partnerships.
  • Maintain existing high levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Development of the IR programme and a 2022 Capital Markets
  • Day to communicate the Group’s ongoing strategy following a period of significant change.

Maintain a secure funding and capital structure

Maintain a secure funding and capital structure to enable us to continue to provide for all of our stakeholders.



CET1 ratio




Funding headroom

  • Successful issuance of £200m Tier 2 debt capital providing capacity for future growth.
  • Successful tender and buyback of £71m of £175m 2023 Senior Bonds.
  • Completion of access to Bank of England Liquidity and Funding Schemes (TFSME).
  • Submission of application to the PRA to allow us to use retail deposits to fund different parts of the Group.
  • Reduction in liquidity to more normalised levels (following steps taken in 2020 to increase liquidity at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic).
  • Resumption of dividends.
  • Delivery of application to the PRA to allow us to use retail deposits to fund different parts of the Group, resulting in lower cost of funds for the non-bank group.
  • Ongoing diversification of the non-bank group funding.