I’m Natasha and I’m a sixth-form teacher, teaching media and the business side of E-Sports at a school in Basingstoke.

Me and my kids moved out of London because I was offered a Media teaching job with better prospects at a college in Basingstoke. But I could only take it if I had a car. When I got my car through Moneybarn and started my job, I was just teaching media studies, but now I’m leading my course, teaching a new subject and taking on more responsibility in the college which is really quite nice, because I’m evolving within my career.

The pandemic was difficult -  I was teaching from home, and where I was saving money on petrol, it was going straight back out on extra electricity, food, and everything else. The kid's dad is self-employed, so we had no child maintenance either. Moneybarn really did help me as they let me have a few months' holidays which was so nice.

I couldn’t believe how nice the lady was about it - it was such an easy conversation. It was like everything she was saying to me was with a smile. Sometimes I think of Mary Poppins when I speak to people like her!

I’d like to upgrade to a slightly bigger car, so I've done an eligibility checker and it says I can get more than I had last time. So that’s good that what I’ve done so far has enabled me to be able to increase my score at least with Moneybarn.