Moneybarn are one of the UK’s leading vehicle finance specialists. They support thousands of people each month with vehicle finance to better their lives on the road.

They do this by assessing every customer’s personal situation and needs, to help them make responsible lending decisions that provide customers with the access they need to a good quality vehicle.

They understand that a reliable car, van or motorbike is more than just a vehicle, it’s essential for getting where you want to be.

Our Customers


earn an average of £30k with a core spread between £20-£50k


are 36-55 years old


are working full time, part-time or are self employed

Being with Moneybarn has really helped me change my life. I’d recommend Moneybarn to everyone, and not just people with a poor credit history. Click to hear and read Leah's story.

Leah, Customer

The division has a strong track record of delivering high levels of growth and strong returns. As a company driven by a unique culture, our colleagues are an integral part of the excellent service we provide. We’re in a great position to develop our future plans, which will see us deliver continued profitable growth and help more customers access the right vehicle on the road to a better everyday life.”

David Shrimpton, Managing Director


Moneybarn provides responsible vehicle finance to people across the UK who may be finding it difficult to get a loan they need. With expertise gathered over decades they ensure their customers have access to reliable cars, vans, and motorbikes to better live their lives on the road.

Moneybarn ensure their customers have the means to travel to work, to take their kids to school, to get where they need to go. Even if their credit score is less than perfect. In fact, we can even help people improve their credit score.

The customer is at the heart of everything that Moneybarn do. They provide a Conditional Sale agreement which focuses on helping customers on a better road ahead. Their Customer Services Team work to develop memorable relationships with customers and help them through difficulties if and when they arise.

Moneybarn’s sales structure works through strong broker relationships maintained by consistent lending and simple commission structures. They also have their own Direct Moneybarn Sales Team who act as an in-house broker, who have the tools to offer customers a seamless journey.

They’re continuously investing in areas identified to build market-leading service levels, from automation and credit scoring systems to UX systems. As a company they’re dedicated to providing an excellent customer journey from beginning to end.

At the centre of all discussions with the customer is their sense of care and pride in what they do. Moneybarn will work with the customer to find a solution together to make sure they keep their vehicle for as long as possible.

Originally known as Duncton, Moneybarn began life in 1992 as a means of helping people get the vehicle finance they needed to live their lives, even if they’ve had difficulties getting loans elsewhere. The company grew successfully, even through the 2008 recession, into a strong business with a focus on responsible lending.

In 2011, the company relocated its offices to a renovated barn and the team took the decision to offer finance directly to customers alongside its well-established intermediary network. What it needed was a new name and look. Combining the company’s purpose and its unique office space, a new organisation was born: Moneybarn.

Since 2014, Moneybarn has been part of the wider Vanquis Banking Group family. Each part of the Group helps people build better financial futures through access to credit and improving credit scores.

With a heritage dating back to 1880, Vanquis Banking Group has a clear Purpose that runs through all of our divisions, including Moneybarn: To help put people on a path to a better everyday life.  

Moneybarn in numbers


Over 400 colleagues


Helped over 200,000 customers 


Average loan: £4–25k 

Customer Comments