Our purpose is to help put people on a path to a better everyday life.

Back in 1880, our founder, JK Waddilove started to provide factory workers in Bradford, with essentials, when others wouldn’t, like coal and clothing. While times have changed, society has moved on, our market has evolved, and our customers’ needs are different. Our long-established desire to help support people with their financial lives is still a big part of who we are today.

There are 14 million people in the UK who are not well served by the big banks. For whatever reason the traditional lenders will not help them, but we will.

At Vanquis Banking Group we take a different approach. We do this by offering affordable financial products and services designed with them in mind. Our products support financial inclusion and help social mobility.

We help people access money so they can live their lives, from buying a vehicle that they use to get to work every day or drop their kids off at school, shopping on the internet, or a personal loan to make home improvements.

We’re also committed to working with partner organisations in communities to help address the root causes of financial exclusion by improving education, raising financial awareness and creating opportunities for better everyday lives, through our Foundation. A big part of our purpose is reflected in our ambitious plans and targets around Environmental, Social, and Governance


Our Approach

Our Three strategic pillars

  • Our mission is to be the first-choice bank for people excluded from accessing financial services by traditional lenders.
  • To achieve our mission, we need to focus on people and culture, customers and community and making sure we can grow and sustain our business in a responsible way.

We have grouped our areas of focus into these three strategic pillars that we are aiming to achieve over the next three to five years: People and Culture, Growth and Sustainability; and Customer and

People and Culture

We’re creating a positive, inclusive and rewarding culture, closely connected to our Purpose, where everyone feels empowered and supported to learn, grow and succeed.

Growth and Sustainability

Our Growth and Sustainability pillar covers how we’ll go about making our business as efficient and effective as possible. We’ll develop steadily and responsibly, so we can continue to grow, change and deliver outstanding customer service no matter what the future brings.

Customer and Community

This is about putting the customer at the heart of everything we do, whether we’re growing our range of products, reaching new audiences or interacting with everyday people at every stage of their journey with us. It’s also about the important work we do in our communities with our partners to help address financial exclusion and support social mobility.

The Vanquis Way - our Values


We’ve created The Vanquis Way to guide the decisions we make and remind us what’s important when we’re working with our customers, our communities and each other. It’s easy to remember and live by because it’s all about the simple things we need to do to get the job done the best way we can.


We care about people …by embracing their individuality and experiences.

Everyone here is part of a caring team that respects and supports one another, even when times are hard and we need to make difficult decisions. Because we all bring something different, we recognise our customers’ and communities’ needs and individuality too, so we’re better placed to help them access the right financial solutions.

We pull together as a team …by trusting each other and helping everyone succeed.
Working together, trusting each other and being open and aligned around our priorities and decisions makes us a great team and helps us achieve our Purpose. Our different perspectives make us more resilient and better able to give our colleagues and customers opportunities they’ve been denied elsewhere.

We find a better way …by being courageous and solving our challenges.

Our positive, can-do attitude means that even when things get tough, we keep going, we keep asking questions and we keep challenging one another until we find a better way. We do all this to give our customers and our communities the best options and help our business grow and succeed.

We get the right things done …by taking ownership and doing what we say we will.

Our people, customers and communities are at the heart of what we do and that’s why taking ownership and delivering on our promises matters. With our valuable skills and experience, we lead the way in getting the right things done and making sure we’re doing work that everyone can be proud of.