Our Business Model is designed to support our target customers with differentiated credit, savings and money management solutions, with lending predominantly funded by retail deposits.

Offering Credit, Savings and Money management, we:

  • put our customers at the heart of everything we do
  • create differentiated solutions that meet our customers’ needs
  • meet our customers where they are
  • serve our customers efficiently and well
  • deliver attractive returns to all our stakeholders

We focus our energies around our customer's core needs: 


Help me borrow healthily


Help me feel in control of my everyday spending


Help me build a financial safety net

And our ESG priorities: 


  • Ensuring that every decision we take, from proposition development through to in-life management, is guided by a clear understanding of how they will benefit our customers.


  • Creating and sustaining an inclusive and supportive workplace culture, where colleagues feel healthy, well and engaged, and that they can reach their maximum potential and deliver their best work.


  • Improving the lives of children and young people in the communities where our customers live and work by providing them with access to education, social and financial inclusion, and economic development opportunities.

The Environment

  • Ensuring that climate‑related risks and opportunities are integrated into our business strategy and decision making in areas such as operational resilience, customer service, supply chain management and, where appropriate, capital allocation.

A Customer Centric Approach

Our business model is the way that we generate financial and non-financial value for customers and broader stakeholders, and starts with a deep understanding of our customers’ needs, preferences and behaviours, gained from extensive market research and data analysis. This approach ensures that every decision we take, from proposition development through to in-life management, is guided by a clear understanding of how it will benefit our customers.

Our Customer Journey

We create awareness by meeting customers where they are.

We have a differentiated value proposition that is designed around customers’ core needs rather than being product led.

We aim to provide a frictionless first contact and onboarding journey, leveraging our evolving systems capability and emerging technologies.

We empower our customers to borrow healthily, feel in control of their everyday spending and build a financial safety net.

We are committed to being there for our customers in challenging times as well as good ones.

We present solutions which address our customers’ needs and encourage longer and deeper relationships.

We have genuinely positive impact on our customers, so they are much more inclined to recommend us.

Our needs-led approach ensures that we meet, or exceed, the requirements of those we serve. We are open to receiving custom from a diverse group and our target market has a wide income range.

We believe deeply that our customer proposition and solutions can serve to empower the millions of people in this position to get closer to achieving their goals by borrowing healthily, feeling in control of their everyday spending and building a financial safety net.

Our Competitive Advantage

These competitive advantages provide value to our customers, colleagues, regulators, shareholders, suppliers and communities, while reaffirming our commitment to quality and innovation:

Lower funding costs: We benefit from lower funding costs compared to many competitors, which is achieved through the strategic use of retail deposits, thereby enhancing our price competitiveness.

Financial efficiency: Our robust retail deposit base equips us with the capability to align lower-cost deposits with lending volumes, ensuring financial efficiency in the matching of assets and liabilities.

Risk-based pricing: Our organisation has consistently demonstrated success with risk-based pricing,  reflecting our financial acumen and strategic foresight.

Broad product portfolio: Our broadening product portfolio caters to a spectrum of needs within our target  market, providing comprehensive financial solutions, fostering opportunities for cross-purchase, and improving the stability of our future earnings.

Snoop: Snoop, a unique capability, empowers our customers to manage their finances effectively and realise tangible savings.

Strong brands: Our Vanquis and Moneybarn brands have earned a strong reputation and trust within our
target market, reinforcing our market presence.