We are driven by our Purpose to create value for our stakeholders

Vanquis Banking Group is made up of two consumer brands that serve over 1.7 million customers. In the mid cost market, there are all sorts of customers with differing needs. We’ve spent over 100 years working with people who have been turned away elsewhere, so we understand the importance of providing a range of products that factor in and work with these needs. 

What this means

At our core, we focus on acting responsibly and sustainably in all our stakeholder relationships:
We respond to the needs of our stakeholders by creating a fair, inclusive and diverse workplace,
supporting our local communities, responding to climate change, treating suppliers fairly,
and engaging with them on environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters.

Our 1.7 million customers are at the heart of what we do; they are the 20% of UK adults who at any one time are looking for something that mainstream lenders do not offer.

  • We have developed tailored products to meet their needs through a detailed understanding of their needs and challenges.
  • We carefully assess affordability and creditworthiness and are specialists in managing arrears and supporting customers in financial difficulty.
  • Our Customer, Culture and Ethics Committee is focused on ensuring the best outcomes for customers across all our customer interactions.

Our 2,000 colleagues are critical to delivering our business model. The success of the Group is dependent upon having motivated colleagues with the right expertise and skills to help deliver our strategy.

  • We conduct an annual colleague survey to register sentiment and continually focus on making improvements for the betterment of our colleagues.
  • We have diversity and inclusion working groups (focusing on gender, race, disability and LGBTQ+) that meet regularly and focus on ensuring the work environment is inclusive.
  • We offer support to colleagues through our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and through the provision of the Thrive app to all colleagues.

We believe maintaining an open, constructive and trusting dialogue with policymakers and regulators (the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)) is critical. We work closely with our regulators to ensure we meet all regulatory standards and contribute to a safe and robust banking system.

  • Our application to the PRA allowing us to use retail deposits to fund different parts of the Group has been approved.
  • During the Scheme of Arrangement, we worked collaboratively and openly with the FCA to deliver the best outcome for customers.

We secure long-term, lower-rate funding through strong relationships with our lending banks, depositors and investors. We engage in discussions with our equity and debt investors to understand their needs and expectations leading to better outcomes over the long term and improving our sustainability.

  • We interact with debt investors and shareholders through half-yearly results presentations, regular trading updates and management meetings.
  • Our Board and ExCo receive periodic updates from Investor Relations on market activity and investor sentiment.

Our suppliers are essential to provide our divisions with the goods and services required to enable us to continue to meet our customers’ needs. They play a vital role in our operations so it is important that we develop strong relationships with them.

  • We have previously launched a new Supplier Management framework to engage with suppliers effectively, including having executive sponsorship for our key
  • We have signed up to the Prompt Payment Code and are committed to paying the majority of our suppliers within 30 days.

Our community investment strategy is aligned to our social purpose and seeks to invest in activities and initiatives which address the key factors that tend to reduce access to credit. We have continued to work with charities and specialist partners to address key barriers to social and financial inclusion, and have played a role in helping children, young people and adults to boost their education.


  • In 2022, we disbursed over £260,000 in grants to 27 voluntary organisations focusing on inequality, exclusion, disadvantage and mental health issues.
  • Our CEO is an active member of the National Numeracy Leadership Council, which aims to grow the network of organisations and individuals actively addressing the issue of poor numeracy and elevate the understanding and importance of the issue at a national level.