Approximately half of adults in the UK have the numeracy skills that we expect of a primary school child – yet, to date, few products or services, or indeed regulatory frameworks incorporate this fact.

Plain Numbers enable organisations to support their customers who struggle with numbers, and provide certification for all individuals. They partner with organisations who share their passion for improving consumer outcomes and are determined to create lasting change.


Working with implementation partners 

Implementation partners are at the heart of improving the way numbers and data are communicated to customers. Plain Numbers offer a comprehensive package of support to embed the Plain Numbers approach into organisations. 

Vanquis Banking Group joined Plain Numbers as an Implementation Partner in March 2023, and together during 2024 and 2025, we will work on improving consumer outcomes through the provision of clear and understandable financial communications. 

By signing up with Plain numbers, and implementing better communications throughout our business we can further solidify our commitment to helping people better understand their finances and make informed choices.

Throughout 2023, colleagues from across the Group participated in Plain Numbers’ practitioner training. This training brings to life the numerical struggles much of the public must contend with when making financial decisions. It also equips our Practitioners with the tools and strategies that ensure their communications can be sent out in Plain Numbers. We know the way numbers are communicated can significantly improve consumer understanding and Plain Numbers will support us in implementing these changes over the next three years. 

The training is delivered to a limited number of practitioners (15 over 3 years), We will then share learnings from the partnership via our own colleagues once they’ve qualified as ‘practitioners’. 

“We’re delighted to team up with Plain Numbers to enhance how we communicate with customers who may struggle with numbers and interpreting financial information. We know that people who are not confident using numbers in their everyday lives can face challenges in managing their finances and budgeting for the future. And this can lead to anxiety and stress, especially in the current financial climate. At Vanquis Banking Group, we’re committed to ensuring that our customers understand their financial situation and the products we offer, and we look forward to working with Plain Numbers to make things even clearer for them.” 

Rob Lawson, Head of Sustainability