Our purpose is simple: to deliver caring banking so our customers can make the most of life’s opportunities.

Whether it's a tough situation, an exciting purchase, or navigating everyday life - we support our customers based on their circumstances. And we always try to find a way to help, even if it's not possible right away.

Making the most of life’s opportunities means different things to different people. It could mean borrowing for a significant purchase like a car. Or improving their credit score so they have more borrowing options at better rates. For some, it's simply about managing their finances more effectively during tighter months.

We're more than just another bank.

From the very beginning, we've cared about the communities we serve. We champion financial inclusion through our services and community initiatives. We promote social mobility through our Foundation by creating opportunities for children and young people.

We want our colleagues to work in an open and inclusive environment. Somewhere they can grow their careers and celebrate high performance. Meaning they can deliver for customers in a dynamic environment driven by a strong sense of purpose and in line with our values. 

Our Values: The Vanquis Way

We created The Vanquis Way to guide the decisions we make and remind us what’s important when we’re working with our customers, our communities and each other. It’s easy to remember and live by because it’s all about the simple things we need to do to get the job done the best way we can.

…by embracing their individuality and experiences.

Everyone here is part of a caring team that respects and supports one another, even when times are hard and we need to make difficult decisions. Because we all bring something different, we recognise our customers’ and communities’ needs and individuality too, so we’re better placed to help them access the right financial solutions.

…by trusting each other and helping everyone succeed.

Working together, trusting each other and being open and aligned around our priorities and decisions makes us a great team and helps us achieve our Purpose. Our different perspectives make us more resilient and better able to give our colleagues and customers opportunities they’ve been denied elsewhere.

…by being courageous and solving our challenges.

Our positive, can-do attitude means that even when things get tough, we keep going, we keep asking questions and we keep challenging one another until we find a better way. We do all this to give our customers and our communities the best options and help our business grow and succeed.

…by taking ownership and doing what we say we will.

Our people, customers and communities are at the heart of what we do and that’s why taking ownership and delivering on our promises matters. With our valuable skills and experience, we lead the way in getting the right things done and making sure we’re doing work that everyone can be proud of.

Our North Star strategy

Our customer-led strategy is steeped in rich, detailed understanding of the lives and needs of those we serve. We acknowledge and celebrate the diversity and individuality of modern society, and have come to understand that, amid this complexity, we can identify sizeable cohorts of consumers who have core needs in common. 

Our strategy is being delivered through five strategic themes:


To serve our customers with differentiated solutions that Vanquis Bank:

  • cares about my needs;
  • is an organisation I trust;
  • empowers me to make the right financial choices for me; and
  • supports me when it matters.

Focus for 2024: 

  • Understand the customer and introduce targeted customer propositions.
  • Grow customer engagement to drive card utilisation.
  • Improve customer experience.



To provide exceptional ‘through the journey’ management of risk based on an intimate understanding of the customers and their needs.

Focus for 2024: 

  • Invest in our risk management capability to differentiate in the market.



To establish a high-performing and continuously improving organisation across management, operations and financial resource management and capital.

Focus for 2024: 

  • Optimise capital and liquidity management.
  • Execute cost transformation.
  • Continue enhancing operational excellence, with a focus on collections and fraud.



To leverage efficient modern technology that supports digital-first customer and colleague experience.

Focus for 2024:

  • Continue with the technology transformation.
  • Execute data and analytics transformation with the benefit of Snoop functionality.



To empower people with the skills,career and culture that inspires great customer empathy and belief in our purpose.

Focus for 2024:

  • Progress our collective ‘one Group’ culture.
  • Create an enabling environment that is supportive of the strategy.