My name’s Leah, I’m from Stoke on Trent and I live by myself. I work as a UK support manager for a company called Food Hub, looking after our UK clients. I make sure that they’re happy and I run a team in our Stoke on Trent office.

For fun I like to go on road trips, always jumping in the car, going down the coast, and looking for a beach. I like weekends away, shopping, spending time with family, friends. Anything I can do to get out and about.

The day I passed my test I wanted to get a new car, so I drove to a showroom, I had a nice deposit with me and I told them I wanted a black or red car with Bluetooth and a cupholder, and that’s what they had there. The process was so simple; I went for a test drive down the road, decided that was the car I wanted, we did the paperwork when I got back and I drove away in my new car that day!

Being with Moneybarn has really helped me change my life.  You don’t realise till you get a bit older than what you did in your younger years with credit, which can have an effect on you later on. So it’s been really good for me having the opportunity with Moneybarn, for someone to see that yes I’ve got a good job, yes I can afford to do this and not just be turned down straight away because you have a bad history.

The people at the end of the phone at Moneybarn, are lovely. It’s just like talking to a friend. I’d recommend Moneybarn to everyone, and not just people with a poor credit history. I think the level of service that you get and the ease of using the service is second to none.