UK Finance has today announced the appointment of Vanquis Banking Group CEO, Ian McLaughin to its Board, alongside Simon Bladon, CEO of PayPal UK.

Effective in the role from 1st July, Ian said:

“I am really looking forward to working with the UK Finance Board to ensure we keep putting customers at the heart of the UK financial services sector. At Vanquis we play a unique role in the UK banking system as a specialist bank by supporting financial inclusion to over 1.7 million customers. There is growing customer demand for the services and solutions Vanquis offers, as the country readjusts to the recent cost of living crisis, and I look forward to championing those customers’ needs at UK Finance.”

Bob Wigley, Chair of UK Finance, commented on the changes to the UK Finance Board saying:

“The financial services industry is vital to the UK economy. During a big year for the sector, I am pleased to welcome Simon and Ian’s great expertise to the UK Finance Board.
“As the trade association for the financial services industry, we champion a thriving sector which acts in the best interests of consumers, businesses and wider society. The Board looks forward to working with Simon and Ian to continue promoting a strong and representative financial services sector.”