Today, Provident Financial Group published its 2017 corporate responsibility (CR) report which gives an account of Provident Financial Group’s performance in 2017 across a range of social, ethical and environmental indicators.

The report relates to the non-financial aspects of Provident Financial plc and its businesses – Vanquis Bank, Consumer Credit Division (CCD) and Moneybarn – in the UK and Ireland, and our six key stakeholders: customers, communities, employees, suppliers, shareholders and investors, and regulators. It provides information and updates on our CR activities, performance and achievements for the year 1st January – 31st December 2017. The report has been independently assured by Corporate Citizenship and has been prepared in accordance with the ‘Core’ Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) G4 sustainability reporting guidelines.

“The difficulties the company experienced in 2017 mean that it is essential we reinforce and build on the importance of our social purpose in the way that we operate our business and treat our stakeholders. This has led us to change both the format and structure of our CR Report so that it better reflects the social, ethical and environmental issues that relate to the group’s social purpose and matter to our stakeholders."

"Firstly this is our first entirely online CR report. This will ensure that our approach to reporting is in line with best practice, and help us make our report more accessible, engaging and environmentally friendly. Secondly, we have restructured the content of the report so that it focuses on the issues that are most closely aligned with our social purpose, so our key focus is on lending responsibly to our customers, creating and inclusive and sustainable workplace and supporting the communities we work in." - Rob Lawson, Head of Sustainability, Provident Financial plc

Visit the CR Report webpage here


Corporate Responsibility

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