Provident Financial has published its 2013 corporate responsibility (CR) report. This is the company’s thirteenth such report and sets out the progress made delivering against the group’s mission: to be the leading non-standard lender in its chosen markets; to act responsibly in all stakeholder relationships; and to play a positive role in the communities served by the business.

The 2013 report aims to provide our stakeholders with a balanced account of our CR activities, progress and goals. This includes providing an update on Provident Financial’s well-developed and well-regarded community outreach programme which invests significant amounts in local, grass-roots projects, touching the lives of many people who often live in deprived communities.

Peter Crook, Chief Executive of Provident Financial, commented:

“By producing a stand-alone CR report, our stakeholders can see how we continue to take our corporate responsibilities seriously by: lending responsibly to our customers, investing in the communities we serve, minimising our impact on the environment, and fulfilling our responsibilities to all the people that matter to the business. This, in turn, inspires confidence among our stakeholders, which is fundamental to running a sustainable, profitable business.”