My name is Eric, I live in South London with my family and I’m a Resettlement Caseworker and Musician. Music has always been in my life. It’s been my career, for the most part, working with bands such as The Orb, but more recently I’ve spent more time doing Charity work.

As a resettlement Case Worker, I work with people who are homeless, people in recovery, and ex-offenders. When people are recovering from addiction or if you’re an ex-offender, you need a base. You need a home, so we help in whichever way we can. I work with clients to help them find somewhere to live, and then I continue to work with them for a further 12 months.

In that time, I’m working to empower them so they can be independent and start their life, new. I first got a Vanquis card around 4 years ago because I needed a credit history. I saw it as Vanquis taking a chance
on me because I haven’t got much experience using credit. I was really careful, particularly in the beginning. And basically having the card has got me in the habit of making a small purchase and paying back on a set date. I try to pay off the whole balance, but if I don’t, I make a note so that everything
is paid off in due time.

I mainly spend on my card because it is just so convenient. I’ve got peace of mind, security on my purchases and it’s so easy to use. I can use it contactless, and manage my account from my phone, or online it’s, wonderful. This week I bought a laptop with my Vanquis card so that I can do some work, do some music production and get online on the go. I’m currently doing some vocals and music production on a dance project, so hopefully, you’ll hear that in the near future!