My name’s Graeme and I live in London with my partner in a Mews just off the back of Regents Park. We live in a three-story townhouse and given where it is, it’s quite small, but it’s very quiet around here and we like it. I run my own companies in the insurance industry and I’ve done that most of my adult life since I left the army.

I had a financial catastrophe about 5 years ago when my businesses all went into liquidation and as a result, I was made bankrupt because of personal guarantees I’d given to banks. 

I came out of bankruptcy 3 years ago, and when I did, my credit rating was about as poor as it was going to get, so I had to restructure my life.

I was able to start my own business again, which I did, but with the credit rating, I had, getting any sort of credit card just felt impossible. A few months later, I was checking my credit score regularly, and Vanquis came up with an option that might offer me a credit card. I applied to them and to my surprise, I was
granted one. And I’ve used it ever since. The card is contactless as well which is helpful and I got it at a time when no one else would help me.

In the 3 years, I’ve had the card, my rating has improved massively, they’ve increased my credit limit as I’ve used it too. I like the Vanquis app because it’s simple, it’s dead easy to use and I’m not a massive technological wizard. It’s always got your balance right in front of you, what your next bill is and what you’ve spent, so I’m ever so happy with it. For me, it’s just so easy.

I would absolutely recommend Vanquis to anyone. They helped me out when no one else would, and I’m more confident financially because of this.