My name’s Kelly and I'm currently working day shifts as a carer, having recently changed jobs as I used to work nights. Recently my mum became ill, so working nights was no longer an option for me as I needed to be able to look after her. I bought my previous car for around £500, and when it needed expensive repairs on it, I knew I couldn’t afford it but also that it wasn’t worth paying for!

For fun I like to go on road trips, always jumping in the car, going down the coast, and looking for a beach. I like weekends away, shopping, spending time with family, friends. Anything I can do to get out and about.

I needed a car that was more reliable and had low running costs. Without the finance I would have been stuck really, I needed a car for work but also because I’m the family taxi. The dealership I bought from had said they had a car that was right for me, and that I should test drive. When they brought it round for me to take a look at, I genuinely thought ‘No, that can’t be for me to look at?’. It was so much nicer and newer than what I thought I would be able to get.

I actually hadn’t heard of Moneybarn at all before I started looking for vehicle finance. The dealership suggested using them to finance my vehicle and I’ve never looked back. My experience with Moneybarn has changed my attitude to lending, and I would definitely use them again.

The reason my credit score was less than perfect, was because I had previously been in an IVA, although my credit score was actually on its way back up when I took out my car finance! My credit file was improving, but unfortunately, I was still in the red. I had my bank account and mobile phone but otherwise hadn’t touched any other credit, so it was a struggle to improve my score.

I didn’t expect to get a car this nice on finance. When I’ve fully paid it off the plan, I want to give it to my son and to get another car through Moneybarn for myself. Without the finance I would have been stuck really, I need it for work but also to get my family around, and more recently to take my mum to hospital appointments. I now prioritise my car payments and it’s always the second thing I pay after my rent.

I would absolutely recommend Moneybarn to a friend or my family, as I’ve not had any issues with them, I trust they have my best interests at heart and that they are on my side.