I’m Lee, I’m 51 and I’m a customer service manager for an IT software company working in Manchester. I currently live in a 3-bedroom semi with my wife, my two children and our rescue dogs that we adopted last year. I use my car every day for school runs, youth club, various activities, Dad’s taxi if you like. There’s always something going on when you’ve got two kids!

Before I got my car finance from Moneybarn, I had a four-seat convertible Audi, then Covid-19 changed everything and we moved to Manchester. My daughter moved in, we adopted Alfie, and then adopted two dogs from overseas who had been abandoned and mistreated. We went from a family of two to a family of six, very quickly, so we needed a bigger car.

In the past, I had some financial trouble, so our lenders were restricted when it came to us finding the right car for us. Moneybarn were just brilliant from the off. They put us at ease, they told us how much we’d be paying out in total. They were very thorough in their approach to make sure everything was affordable for us.