I’m Ollie, I’m a teacher and I live just outside Leeds with my partner and our 8-month-old daughter. We’ve recently moved to a new build with three bedrooms, a lovely garden for our little girl to grow up in, and it’s not far from both our schools. My wife’s a teacher too at the same school, so we didn’t move far, just far enough to find a bigger house for our new family.

I first took out a Vanquis credit card for debt consolidation. I wasn’t too great with my finances at Uni, as I just used to spend anything I had. But things change. My credit rating has improved a lot and now I just use my Vanquis card for everyday items, things we need for our little girl. Things like clothes, toys and the bigger purchases. Sometimes the odd treat for myself too because I know full well I can pay it off and in a sensible time frame.